Prato: Revisit

Nothing too fancy today. Logan and I had the chance to visit Prato again, our favorite new restaurant. I know I’ve already written a post on them (you can read it here), but let’s be honest, moderation isn’t Eat a Duck’s forté. So let’s not delay, on to the food porn!

Prato apps

Top: Beef carpaccio, grilled artichokes, pecorino sardo and agrumato

Left: Fig jam crostini, foie gras terrine and cocoa nib salt

Right: Mascarpone polenta, charred corn and hazelnuts

Top: Mississippi quail, lardo butter, Calabrian sausage and padron pepper conserva

Bottom: Prato meatballs, roasted tomato, cipollini agrodolce

tagliatelle-amatriciana-pancetta-tesa-caramelized-onion-pecorino1 widowmaker-caciocavallo-cavallo-nero-pancetta-farm-egg funghi-roasted-mushroom-radicchio-charred-onions-aceto

Top: Tagliatelle amatriciana, pancetta tesa, caramelized onions and pecorino

Middle: Widowmaker – Caciocavallo, cavello nero, pancetta and farm egg

Bottom: Funghi – Roasted mushrooms, radicchio, charred onions and aceto

Above: Nutella pound cake and roasted hazelnuts

The boys at Prato striking a pose. Keep up the great work guys! Big shout out to Zach, Jonathan and the whole crew down at Prato, thanks for yet another fantastic meal, we’ll see you all soon!

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