New York Marathon

Going to New York City, for whatever reason, for me means eating, above all other activities. If you’ve never been on an eating bender or for that matter if you’ve never been to New York as an adult, you owe it to yourself to get on the ball. My last trip entailed at least 10 different food emporiums over a span of less than 12 hours. It was a tornado of taste to say the least that encompassed a large area of Manhattan. From the lower east side I visited doughnut plant and had some fantastic flavor combinations from my favorite doughnut shop of all time, this place is famous now and for good reason. I had tres leches, mango, coconut creme, pb&j, and creme brulée donuts. Moving north I found myself in Chinatown, strolling through the bodegas, stalls, carts and holes in walls sampling roast duck with scallion pancake and little bits of duck liver, fresh mangosteen, Shu Mai, and shark fin dumpling. Continuing to SOHO I stopped in across the street from Lombardi’s pizza at this little place I found a few years back called Rice to Riches. All they do is rice pudding, and they do it well. About 20 flavors and many different toppings can make it a difficult decision when you want it all. I always choose mascarpone rice pudding with roasted cherries and graham cracker brown butter streusel. I never choose the same thing twice except here. It’s too good to pass up. Following my journey leads north to NOHO I find myself at yet another dim sum restaurant. This time it’s a little upscale and pricey. When the food is out of this world, pricey is understandable. I tried to control myself so I ordered steamed pork buns, shrimp, corn and Chinese chive dumplings, and as recommended by my waitress, lobster and cream cheese rollups. I feel that it’s a good idea to get the staffs input when you can’t decide. They usually have no issues telling you what is good and what they don’t like. The food was fantastic, however this is more of a novices dim sum restaurant. A little PF Changy. Headed up to central park south after a play. Bouchon is one of those places I can’t miss when I go to new York. I didn’t really have any reason to go that far uptown except to get some great Thomas Keller food. I had foie gras terrine and a Bouchon Bakery take on a hostess hoho. My phone died so I couldn’t take a picture of it but it was like eating a piece of art. There’s gold leaf on it for goodness sake! Very pretty. I went to my hotel room to meet my brother and charge my phone. Now we are getting to the overboard part of the evening. Making our way back to NOHO, we enter DBGB. Daniel Boulud’s newest food emporium. Focusing on sausage and charcuterie, this is my kinda place. The adults begin drinking adult drinks, and the kids are rewarded with frankfurter and frites. This ain’t no ordinary hot dog, it was expertly crafted. Moving on. My brother ordered head cheese which is the thing to get as far as all the hype from reviewers is concerned. I agree with the critics. It’s a symphony of all the things your eyes tell you is nasty but your palate will tell your eyes to shut up. Also he orders a burger. Now I know that there was pork belly in some form on this burger but since my brother took the burger medium, everything else was lost in my mind. I’m sure it was great and all but, I can’t stand behind a medium cooked piece of beef. You will lose me big time pal. Now to my meal. Starting with a green and white asparagus “salad” with a scotched poached egg ( I don’t know how that is humanly possible to create,) speck, and cracklins. With a little mustardy hollandaise. Unreal. Followed by my second crack at foie gras, this time with pickled beets and raspberry butter, comparable to Bouchon. Next I was offered a Flintstones sized roasted marrow bone. Think beef flavored solidified clarified butter. With some crack black pepper and fleur de sel. I may be going overboard or just entering into a self imposed food coma. Finally I am served veal sausage, truffled purée potatoes with a moat of apple cider veal jus and just to be a jerk and put me over the edge a couple shaves of black summer truffle. That’s the day minus a couple places that weren’t really worth talking about. Ohhh except crumbs cupcake shoppe. That was excellent. I wish you all a food journey of epic proportions like the ones I’ve had in my favorite food city of all time. If you’ve had a similar exposure do share.