A Tasty Rant with Mr. Crumpton

There are 2 kinds of people in the world…
I’m sorry for saying something that has been said to death. But with almost anything you have the “I like this” people. And the “I don’t like this” people. That’s the simplest way to break the subject “I take great pleasure in food” kind of people, and the eating to not die kind of people. I feel as if I am already beating a dead Uma (Not Thurman)
Watching 2 Documentaries brought this up. One made me happy to be the way I am, while the other just irritated me and made me feel sad for people that don’t really care about what they put in their bodies.

Why is it that we tend to talk less about what we like than about we dislike? Is that true with you? So I’ll be short with the good. The movie I liked is called Kings of Pastry. It follows 3 Pastry chefs as they prepare and compete in the finals of what could be considered the Olympics of Patisserie. But with this competition there is either gold or nothing. The silver medal is the honour of being invited I assume. I was mesmerized at the art and scientific knowledge that is involved in Pastry. However, I wouldn’t recommend on an empty stomach for obvious reasons.

The second movie is called Fat Head. I didn’t like the movie. Not because it was poorly made or boring. Well it gets kind of boring about 45 minutes in when the politics of food start to be discussed. What I don’t find appealing in this movie is the message and the whole point of it all. Everyone has seen Supersize me I’m sure. We all know it’s an entertaining movie and the mission statement Morgan Spurlock was trying to make I feel, is that we all need know the food we and those we are responsible for eat. The whole thing with the eating McDonalds for a month to see how bad it is for us is just an attention grab. The movie is informative and scary and entertaining and also filled with half-truths. Maybe since I’m so adamantly against fast food chains the wool was pulled over me to an extent.
But back to Fat Head. The guy who made the movie is trying to say at the beginning of the film is that Spurlock manipulated the experiment. He’s saying Spurlock ate too much, and took in more calories per meal, or something to that effect. So he did his own test and ate Fast food for a month to show it’s not bad for us to eat. He also had a piece about how 25% of The United States are obese but that it took him all day to film Fat people for his B roll. I don’t know about you, but when I take a look at my Co-workers and the general population where I live in sunny Florida, Id say half are overweight and that’s being nice. You can make almost anything seem true by just throwing out random facts and interviewing hundreds of people and only showing those whose views are similar to yours. I guess my biggest turnoff about Fat Head is that it feels like its appealing to and at the same time deceitful toward that Mcdonalds crowd that already eats there and is giving them more fuel to keep patronizing that establishment. And that’s where the sadness comes in. Do people who eat Fast food on a daily basis actually like what they are consuming? When I was a kid, I remember eating there, sure. My parents didn’t take me everyday or even every week. You know what I got excited about? Going to my grandma’s house to eat her cooking. My dad grilling a giant dinosaur sized steak or fixing me a homemade hamburger from time to time. So to me it’s weird to want to eat Fast food. People say it’s because it’s convenient and reasonably priced. Is it really?
I go to McDonalds to get iced tea every now and then. I was shocked to notice a lot of the value meals cost over 6 bucks. If you want a list of amazing food you can eat in your town for 6 buck or less, I’m up to the challenge. And here is where I start to agree will Mr. Naughton, creator of Fat Head. No one forces anyone to eat anything. You choose to eat good or bad. No one is giving this stuff away. Ultimately you pay with your wallet and your health.
STOP DRINKING SODA EVERY MEAL OF EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!! That might be more that what gets you than the food itself. You drink a 32 ounce Coke twice a day and see how many pounds you can put on.
But with everything there’s an exception. (My brother).
Secondi, it’s ok to eat meat. The fat in meat is what our bodies crave. If you’re a Vegetarian or vegan, it’s cool. Do whatever you want. Get your fat somewhere though. And to everyone, eating too much of anything isnt going to be good for you. Except maybe avocados.

Dear activists of all kinds’ food related,
Mind your own business.

Love, Logan