Latest Ventures

I’m really not the kind of person that is going to lump themselves in with the avalanche of food bloggers. Generally, they annoy me. Tweeting minute to minute about each and every detail and flaw. You lose the whole enjoyment aspect of what going out to eat is about. I will say however that I do like seeing traffic to this page, but I’m really not expecting ever to pull in 25,000 unique readers every time I put finger to keyboard. But if that ever comes to be, I will embrace it. Could be I’m lazy and not connected with the right network or maybe because I do this more of an exercise than anything. To express my enjoyment in what I eat. I don’t sit at restaurants and pick apart every meal I have, as if I were a professional food critic. I do take pictures of my food, but I try not to let it distract from my experience and that of those with me. I use the pictures to share the goodness of a meal done right. I rarely bring out my “good camera” at restaurants. My iPhone works good enough in the right light. Like I said, I don’t want this to cause distraction. I want to share the love. Here is a selection of gems from around the state of Florida over the last month or so. Every place pictured, I would strongly recommend trying with your loved ones.

Korean Taco Box. Orlando,Fl

Kalbi Taco Box, Cheese roll, Spicy red chilli wing, Sesame pork ball, Ginger salad. Less than 6$ by the way



Grilled pork and shrimp paste Bun.
Anh Hong. Orlando,FL


Grilled pork, Pate, Kalbi Com Dia. Anh Hong. Orlando,FL

Adana Kabab, Istanbul. Lakeland, FL
Dirty Oysters. Buoy 12A. Ft Pierce, FL
Snow Burger ( snow crab, white wine shallot reduction, topped with provalone) Ramp raw bar. Ft Pierce,FL
Crispy Tile Fish Sandwich coated with corn flake. Some of the best cheese grits ever as well.
Buoy 12A, Ft Pierce,FL
Sweet Chilli Rock Shrimp. Buoy 12A. Ft Pierce, FL
California Lobster Club. (A true Achievement) Buoy 12A. Ft Pierce, FL

Crispy Taro Dumpling. Mings. Orlando,FL
Siu Mai. Mings. Orlando,FL
Seafood Dumpling. Mings. Orlando,FL
Shrimp and Chive Dumpling. Mings. Orlando,FL
Bandeja Paisa. Skirt steak, Deep fried Pork skin, Chorizo, Sunny side egg, Sweet Plaintain, Pinto Beans, Rice, Corn cake.
Pio Pio. Orlando, FL

Homemade Apple Walnut Brown Butter Bourbon Strudel. My house
Gyoza. Nagoya. Orlando,FL
Tempura Jalepeno with spicy Tuna Tartare. Nagoya. Orlando, FL
Yellowtail Jalepeno. Nagoya. Orlando,FL
Assorted Sush. Nagoya, Orlando,FL
Cant remember what this is.
Crispy pork. Mings. ( Should we retire mings from eataduck?) Orlando,FL