Lock, Pops and Two Frozen Barrels

Summertime in Florida is nearly a year-long event. It’s May, but the temperatures are creeping up higher and faster than Macklemore’s rap “career”. We’ve been flirting with nearly 100° afternoons lately, so there’s only one solution to combat the threat of flesh-melting heat. Popsicles!

Lock, Pops & Two Frozen Barrels

I had an assignment recently for the Lakelander magazine that, among other things, involved creating a couple of options for flavored patriot missiles. There was a Mexican theme, so I came up with a horchata based pop with some golden raisins, as well as a play on a Paloma, which is a grapefruit-centric cocktail though I nixed the alcohol since there were children partaking. To combat the often harsh, sour notes of grapefruit, I macerated some strawberries in sugar to make a sweet red mash of red bliss. They were a hit. The only thing left was a pool of pink on a serving platter, that lay dormant waiting for a certain adult-sized kid to pick it up and give it a shameful licking. That didn’t happen, but I saw a guy contemplating the consequences of such an action.

There’s no real recipe here, just an easy set of guidelines. Such as, the thinner the liquid, the quicker those suckers are going to melt. So, try not to use straight juice unless you mix it with some solid fruits or a purée of your liking. A general rule, use 2 cups of liquid for 1 cup of purée or thickener (i.e. condensed milk in the horchata pop). Below is my latest concoction, a peach-lemonade pop with fresh minced apricots.

Makes 8-10 Popsicles

2 cups lemonade
1 cup peach purée
3 peeled, then minced apricots

That’s it.

Popsicles in the raw

Popsicle Potential Popsicles in the makingLemonade, Peach & Apricot Pop

Mix the liquids. Spoon equal parts of the fruit into the bottom of the Popsicle molds, then pour the liquid over the fruit. Everything will swirl around and mix in a NATO way. Yeah in a North Atlantic Trade Organization kind of way. Thanks Siri! Enjoy if you dare to defy the United Nations!